ACC NO.  15443

 Name of the book:-  Eight’ O Clock Tales

Writer:-  Enid Blyton

Cost :-  Rs 125/-

Magical and exciting short stories to enjoy around the clock from the world’s best-loved children’s author, Enid Blyton.

Join the skittle-policeman on his adventures as he travels to Toytown. Find out what happens when Kick-up the donkey runs away from Twiddle the gnome. And laugh at Twisty the Brownie as he learns the hard way why it’s unwise to pull nasty faces!

Enid Blyton’s O’Clock Tales are magical short stories full of adventure for 5 -12 year-olds, ideal for bedtime and for introducing a new generation to wonderful new worlds and expanding their imagination.

Enid Blyton is arguably the most famous children’s author of all time,   thanks to Blyton for this book, The Mysteries, The Famous Five and The Secret Seven. Enid takes her place alongside Roald Dahl, Beatrix Potter, and A. A. Milne as one of Britain’s true heritage children’s authors

Enid Blyton’ s book is very interesting and good.  I really so enjoy it.  I suggest  all the students to read this book.

Name :-   Sakshi Kumari

Std. :-  7th A

Roll No. :-   11


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Accession No.    :     214                                                       dsc01515

Name of the Book        :          INDOMITABLE SPIRIT

Name of Author           :           A P J ABDUL KALAM

Publisher         :    Rajpal & Sons                       Year     :       2010

Price     :  Rs. 225                                           Pages     :     vi;252p.



            What would you like to be remembered for?  You have to envolve yourself and shape your life.  You should write it on a page.  That page may be a very important page in the book of human history, and you will be remembered for creating that one page in the history of nation – whether that page is the page invention, the page of innovation, the page of discovery or the page of fighting injustice…….

Simple words spoken directly from the heart, revealing the former Indian President, Dr.  Kalam’s deep concern for the vital issues.  Reflecting upon a wide range of themes of abiding human, national and global concerns, Dr, Kalam’s inspiring, almost magical words engage and captivate the reader’s mind and heart.


Over all Impression It gives the experience of difficult situation
Suggestions I suggest that my friends also should read this book because readers mind and heart.

Name of the student   :           Yukta Yadav                Class    :           IX B

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